Training Programmes





Training Programmes

Pedagogical approach  


Entertainment Techniques 

AERISC has developed a set of training courses for technicians working in the ENTERTAINMENT, EVENT and AUDIOVISUAL sectors. 

A large part of those training courses is oriented towards the Circus and Street Arts fields, in connection with the association objective and special skills.

In partnership with the main institutions and  professional schools, AERISC has therefore implemented pedagogical contents and  teaching aids specifically dealing with theoretical, practical and legal knowledge concerning:

Acrobatic apparatus,

Aerial set and apparatus,

Hoisting equipment,

Safety devices for aerial artists,

Big top, Tents and Structures,

Grandstands and bleachers,



Experience Based Learning

AERISC used to place importance on the structure of the practical and theoretical contents.

But the communication of science knowledge concerning the physics and mathematics fields may sometimes be fussy for adult professionals, because they haven’t dealt with normal learning processes for a long time.So, to impart that knowledge the best way.

AERISC has developed an approach of physical phenomenons based upon discovery and experience.




This approach enables to present elaborate technical concepts within a framework and according a logical progress revealing their meaning and reality, making them more comprehensible and memorizable by anyone.

This approach is proved especially appropriate concerning the presentation of physical principles related to:

efforts and geometric effects in Y shaped loads rigging,

leverages and couples of forces,

dynamic loads resulting from hoisting equipments,

balance of solids principles in relation to their base,

impacts resulting from acrobatic apparatus or falls from height,

elastic and/or plastic behaviour of materials,

the  balance of forces within an action/reaction system,

the adjustability of assemblies designed according an isostatic diagram,



Trainers Skills

The AERISC training sessions are exclusively conducted by professionals of the related sector and techniques. Their knowledge, experience and credibility, combined with the quality of the teaching aids implemented by AERISC, enable them to be highly proficient in the theme mastery and to easily adapt to the audience and situation.

AERISC also used to pay a great attention to the relevance and accuracy of the submitted theoretical contents, in particular in the regulation realm.

In a sector where you can hear several legends, whether they’re related to technical principles or alleged legal obligations, the essential thing is to make those training sessions be the opportunity to get back to the texts and a clear understanding of the applicable principles.

The AERISC teaching aids are, in this respect, really comprehensive and resume a large number of useful references and law abstracts, standards and good engineering practice.

















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