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Intellectual Property - Terms & Conditions


Intellectual Property

General Points

Generally speaking, any copy, communication with third parties, representation, selling, marketing, broadcasting, editing, adaptation or change, full or partial, using any process, of the pages, texts, images and files to download contained in this website or in the documents and teaching aids issued by the AERISC association, made without any specific written approval from AERISC or the copyright owner, is illegal and constitute a counterfeit.

The only authorized uses are:

- the uses and hard copies strictly destined to the website visitor private use and not to any collective use, presentation or broadcasting, in particular in the setting of training sessions, whether they’re made in a commercial capacity or for free,

- the analysis and short quotes justified by the scientific nature of the work in which they’re integrated,

- the references and links enabling to refer to the website and its content shown in its original context. 



The act of consulting, using, quoting or printing part or the totality of this website reckons the de facto acceptance, total and definitive, of the hereunder intellectual property clauses.



Any demand of copy or specific use will be handled by the AERISC services on a case by case basis and can not be the subject of an automatic authorization.


Citing Sources

Generally speaking, any document, abstract or quote from a content issued by AERISC must mention the reference to the AERISC association and/or the website.


Sanctions and Legal Proceedings

Any violation of those imperative measures will subject the offender or any responsible people to criminal and civil proceedings authorized by law and international treaties concerning the copyrights protection.


Enforceable Regulation

Unless otherwise specified, the documents issued by the AERISC association are subjected to Belgian law.

Should a litigation happen between the user and the AERISC association, both parties agree to come to an amicable agreement before any legal proceedings.  Failing which, any litigation will be taken to the Brussels Commercial Court, in Belgium.








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